Groupon Human Resources Contact Number

Groupon Human Resources Contact Number is (312) 334-1579, this is the best phone number to contact Groupon Human Resources Contact Number HR to discuss employment, open positions, employee benefits, employee’s related issues and more.

What is Groupon human resources phone number?

Groupon main number (Groupon Number) to talk to an agent of Groupon with regards to Groupon Human Resources Contact Number and human resources license issues is (312) 334-1579.

Groupon Possible Interview Questions and Answers! (Passing Your Groupon HR Manager Interview!)

What are the possible Groupon interview questions and answers?

Watch this video to learn how to pass your Groupon HR manager interview and what are the possible Interview questions and answers at your Groupon interview.

Groupon Open Positions

Below you may find some of the open positions available at Groupon:

Office Manager
Channel Partner Manager
Corporate Executive Secretary
Executive Assistant
Corporate Development Manager
Customer Service Agent
Supply Chain Planning Manager
Procurement Manager
Business Development Manager
Corporate Executive Assistant
Data Manager
Administrative Assistant
Instock Manager

Groupon Human Resources Calling Hours

What are the best hours to call Groupon human resources?

The best hours to call Groupon human resources and talk to a real person at Groupon HR regarding any employee related matter, recruitment and open jobs are between 10:00 am to 16:00 pm on weekdays.

Why you should work at Groupon?

Groupon is a leader in its field and their employees are very happy, enjoying great benefits including special discounts that is available to all employees working in all the states.

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Tips When Contacting Groupon Human Resources Contact Number

It is important to call during operation hours but recommended to call Groupon Human Resources Contact Number after 10:00 am as you will likely be answered fast. Identify yourself to the HR person and explain what is the purpose of your call such as: open positions, sending your resume, before or after interview or employee issues and more.

Get the most updated available open jobs at Groupon including corporate positions, customer support, customer service, information technologies, how to get ready for your interview and additional important information about working at Groupon.

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